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13 life skills they don’t teach in school (but should)

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Here are nine courses we wish more schools would add to their curriculum:

1.First aid. Along with CPR, students should learn other lifesaving skills such as the Heimlich maneuver as well as first aid basics like identifying an allergic reaction, making a splint, preventing infection and bandaging a wound.

2.Home repair. It’s amazing how many tasks there are to do around a house or an apartment. While most of us know how to unclog a toilet or hang a picture on the wall, far fewer of us can fix a drippy sink, change an air conditioner filter or hang a (level) set of shelves.

3.Budgeting. Studies show that many students lack the basic financial skills necessary to make important decisions when it comes to their own wallets. So why aren’t these skills emphasized in schools? From the first lessons in addition and subtraction to more complex math lessons in percentages and algebraic equations, wouldn’t it be nice if word problems focused on real-life skills such as balancing a checkbook or creating a budget rather than whether or not a train leaving Point A ever meets up with a train from Point B?

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