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3-year-old feared dead in Thursday’s floods

A 3-year-old-girl is feared drowned in rapid flood waters at Tema Community 1, Site 7 on Thursday.
Residents saw Shalom Okyerera being carried away by the flood waters but they could not rescue her, reports Joy News’ Kwame Yankah.
Shalom’s mother, Christiana Obenewaa, 26, explained she prepared Shalom for school just like she does always, however, she decided against taking her to school because of the heavy downpour.
She said she took her daughter indoors so she could resume cooking boiled corn for sale.
However, Christiana said while she was busy with her business, her neighbours and friends rushed to tell her they have seen her daughter drifting away in the floods.
An eye-witness, Faustina Oforiwa Kpodo, said she saw Shalom loitering close to a big uncovered drain, but before she could reach the child and prevent her from going any further, Shallom fell into the drain.
Faustina said two boys tried to rescue her but the floodwaters were flowing very fast.
Little Shalom’s body has since not been found, although a search is currently ongoing to find her.
Thursday morning’s torrential rains left large parts of Accra in floods and many residents are counting their losses.







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