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4 Natural Ways to Soothe Headaches

 The dreaded headache. Pain can radiate from behind the eyes, into your neck, shoulders, and chest. Sometimes it stabs at the back of your eyes and causes your eyes to water or sounds to be completely horrible. The good news is that, while headaches are nothing but pain, there are a variety of ways to treat them. Here are four surefire ways to soothe headaches in a natural way:

1. Massage

Though relief is temporary, massaging the aching areas will help reduce headache pain. You can try rubbing the temples, neck, back, head, and shoulders to see if the throbbing or stabbing goes away.

A weekly massage session of these regions may reduce migraines and even promote better sleep. The reason why massage provides relief is due to the therapeutic movements of the skin around tightened areas. When blood flow is increased, the affected areas can relax.

2. Peppermint and lavender essential oils

Using essential oil is not just for aromatherapy. Peppermint oil has a long-lasting cooling effect on the skin, which will stimulate blood flow to the affected regions of the forehead so muscle contractions that cause a headache can be soothed.

Lavender oil works slightly differently. This oil is known to be a mood stabilizer and has sedative qualities. In 2012, there was a study that had participants inhale lavender oil for 15 minutes. Out of 129 headache attacks, 92 were positively affected by the lavender oil remedy. So if you used them both together, you would have an all-natural, invincible shield against headaches and migraines.

3. Aerobics

Regular exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, biking, swimming, and hiking can be a great way to relieve headaches. Plus, if you have an intense migraine, the fresh air is noted to do you good. There was a small study done by the medical journal Headache, which studied the effects of exercise on migraine sufferers.

The participants did not have any regular exercise prior to the study and engaged in a 12-week indoor cycling program. The results showed that not only did the quality of life improve, but so did their migraines. In fact, the number and intensity of migraines were reduced.

4. Heat and cold therapy

This is a no-risk therapy that is especially effective against migraines that anyone can use, even pregnant women and very young children. Sometimes, the best way to take care of unrelenting pain is a little hot and cold therapy.

When you want to alleviate tightness, apply heat to the back of the neck. When you have a pulsing headache behind the eyes or temples, put ice on the affected spot. By letting the temperature of the blood cool, this relieves the throbbing.



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  1. Thanks for these natural tips! I have heard the essential oils work, as well as the heat and cold therapy. Great ideas!

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