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6 Best Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

As casually as everyone talks about morning sickness, women who’ve experienced it during pregnancy know it can be brutal. For starters, morning sickness doesn’t have to occur strictly during the a.m. hours. Parents reports it’s also common to feel nauseous throughout the day or right before bed.

This uncomfortable feeling can be triggered by many different things, including certain foods, beverages, and scents. Even the smell of sweet perfume can be enough to make you feel queasy when pregnant. To help ease that nauseating feeling you may endure during pregnancy, try these six remedies.

1. Stay hydrated

Although pregnancy can make it difficult to drink enough water each day, dehydration can actually increase nausea Medical news today  says to try mixing apple cider vinegar and honey into a glass of water if you struggle to drink it plain. Sipping other cold drinks like decaffeinated soda or ginger ale may also help. You can even try sucking ice cubes or having an ice pop if drinking liquids seems impossible.

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