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7 Diseases You Didn’t Know Could Be Deadly

Chronic disease is still the leading cause of death across the world — specifically, heart disease and cancers. But if you look back just a generation or two, you’ll see many diseases among the leading causes of death that have been eradicated, or at least shoved to the back of the queue. And there are still numerous deadly maladies you can contract at almost any time. With treatment, most are manageable. It’s when you ignore them or don’t take them seriously that otherwise non-life threatening illnesses can become fatal. Here are seven diseases that, when not treated, can kill you.

1. Measles

If you’re still afraid of vaccinations, it’s time to cross over to reality and get your kid to a doctor. In the wake of the anti-vaccination push, many children are now exposed to unnecessary risks when going to school. One of those risks is measles, a disease largely eradicated or suppressed in modern America. But outbreaks are happening, and they can kill.

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