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Common Mistakes People Make Setting Goals


Today, I want to share with you common mistakes people make when setting goal
1.You don’t assign a due date.
In other words, you don’t set a deadline.
“A goal without a deadline is nothing but a dream”
Why is it absolutely necessary to put deadlines/due dates for every one of your goals?
A. Having a deadline create a sense of urgency
B. Having a deadline provides balance to your workload. You know what needs to be done now and then, what can be done later
C. This third one ties right into the second: Having a deadline helps you prioritize your daily tasks. When you know what needs to be done now, you can then prioritize and focus your daily activities more on achieving those goals.
Bottom Line: your goals must have a deadline. It can be a start date or an end date, doesn’t matter but a deadline, it must have.

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