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How To Deal With An Emotionally And Verbally Abusive Husband

Marriage is one of the hardest things that you will ever experience in life and there are bound to be times when you have to stop and reevaluate your situation and make adjustments as needed. One area that you need to monitor closely is how you and your spouse deal with conflict.

Disagreements are sure to arise anytime you have more than one person in a relationship, that’s a given. However, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to handle it and, more to the point, there are things you should never tolerate in your life. Just because you aren’t getting smacked around doesn’t mean you aren’t suffering. In fact, verbal abuse and emotional abuse in relationships is on the rise, and the psychological damage it inflicts can be crippling. To escape this insidious torment, you have to be able to spot the symptoms

Verbal abuse is described as a statement that’s negative in nature being told to the victim or even just about the victim that may define the target as worthless. Taken at its definition, it is not necessarily like you see in movies where one person is screaming at another, it could be much subtler. If you feel that you may be dealing with verbal abuse, here are four ways to handle it.

  1. Take a long look at your marriage

When you argue with your spouse, do you find yourself crying in the end? Do you exchange insult for an insult? Do you both shout or is it just him? Make sure that your perception is not clouded, stick to the facts without emotion. You may come to the realization that you give just as much as you take. In that case, you both may need to adjust your reactions to conflict.

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