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Do you know these Bad Habits can Damage Your Kidneys?


Kidneys are essential for the health of our body as they have function to destroy toxins and waste from the body through the process of urination.
They play role in the regulation of minerals including phosphate and calcium.
Additionally, kidneys regulate blood pressure as they produce essential hormones which are necessary for this function, as well as for the formation of red blood cells whose responsibility is to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
It is of great importance to maintain the proper function of the kidneys because they are essential part of our body.
Symptoms that show that you are having kidney issues are: vomiting, dizziness, breathing issues, changed quantity and color of the urine, fatigue or tiredness, feeling cold most of the time, itchy skin, bad breath, and sudden pain in the body.
These 10 habits can damage your kidneys:

1. Insufficient Intake of Water
The insufficient consumption of water can damage your kidneys due to the fact that your blood will become concentrated and there will be less flow of blood to the kidneys, thus damaging their ability to destroy the toxins.
And, if there are more toxins in your body, the more health issues will occur.
In order to keep the body hydrated it is recommended to consume 10-12 glasses of water a day.

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