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Do You See Yourself As A LEADER?

Leadership chart
An army of sheep lead by a Lion would defeat an army of Lions lead by a Sheep!
It is the quality of leadership that matters.

What then is leadership?
Now I know that there are various definitions of Leadership, but to sum it up in three words ‘

Leadership Is Influence.’
Influence is the ability to bring about a desired change in a person’s life.
I heard this definition of Leadership recently from the 8 time New York Bestseller and multimillionaire, the one and only Randy Gage. He defined Leadership as the ability to cause people to willingly do things, they normally would not normally do.

As Entrepreneurs, we are called to lead in some capacity sooner or later in life. Sometimes the responsibilities requiring leadership last a lifetime and sometimes they are needed for only a moment.
A true leader serves as a mentor to his followers and true mentor ship in my opinion is the ability to inspire others.
True Leadership can bring about radically positive change to a stagnant environment. It can revitalize old relationships, poorly performing organizations and underachieving individuals.
One thing i have found out is that for most organizations is that ‘ Management is common, but

Leadership is rare.
A true Leader looks at the big picture. He is not perturbed by minute details, but he looks at every situation from the big picture.
The reason is because of his foresight, his vision and clear understanding of his mission and purpose. He sees the glass as half full and not half empty.
Leadership involves taking responsibilities for your actions and also the courage to act inspite of oppositions defines the leader.
History has given us various examples of ordinary men who became great leaders, because they believed in a cause. Eg George Washington, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther king Jnr, Barack Obama and Gandhi. Etc.
The Test of true Leadership comes in the hour of crisis. Would the leader buckle down under pressure? Or would he stand firm to his convictions?
Everyone desires to be a leader or assume leadership positions, but are they prepared to invest in the process to becoming that true leader?

Did you know that Entrepreneurs are Leaders.
The greatest quality of leadership is not how many followers you have,  but how many leaders you develop.
I would love to hear your comments. What in your own opinion in Leadership, what are the qualities that make up a leader?

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