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How to Ease Your Back Pain the Natural Way


Modern medicine may have many people believe that pain-killing pills are the most effective treatment for back conditions, but the human body is pretty incredible at self-healing! That is, of course, provided it is properly maintained and looked after. A person who suffers from back pain and eats an unhealthy diet, for example, may not have the same self-healing capabilities as someone who eats food that is high in nutrition.

Years and years of scientific research have proven that the food we eat is capable of both harming and healing the body; with poor diet habits often leading to conditions such as obesity and osteoarthritis. Empowering yourself with knowledge and implementing healthy food choices into your diet can help you to strengthen joints and muscles as well as shed any excess weight that may be contributing to your back pain.

Here is a list of some of the incredible foods that can help you to self-heal:


Pineapples contain a large amount of strong anti-inflammatory enzymes that can help to facilitate the body’s self-healing process. Bear in mind that these natural enzymes are not typically found in tinned pineapple, so always buy it fresh.

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