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Effective Ways On How To Work Successfully With A Younger Boss


It’s no secret that the longer you work, the more likely it is that you’ll eventually report to someone who’s younger than you are. And as more boomers push off retirement in response to a challenging economy or simply because they prefer to work, the younger boss-older subordinate phenomenon is becoming more common.For many boomers, being supervised by someone young enough to be their son or daughter can be a tough pill to swallow.

But the truth is that having a younger boss often has substantial benefits. Many boomers, for example, find that working under a younger supervisor expands their knowledge of technology and introduces them to different ways of analyzing situations and making business decisions.So don’t get caught up in the feelings of resentment and self-pity that can frequently doom a younger boss-older subordinate relationship before it’s begun. With a little effort, you can make your working relationship with a younger boss pleasant, effective and mutually beneficial. Here are some tips to getting it right.

1. Manage your attitude:
Keep in mind that you were once that brash young boss or rising star, full of clever ideas and new ways of doing things. So listen carefully to what the boss has to say and respect the title and position.“Go out of your way to show your willingness to try new approaches,”

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