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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

You might be reading this after a long night with your baby who refused to sleep. Maybe your darling is on your lap now, while you, sleep-deprived, try to drink a coffee to wake up. While it may feel impossible for your baby to sleep all night without a cry, funny sounds or waking up before morning breaks, there are some tricks that may help.
Even though it will look impossible for your babies under six month to sleep all night without a cry, funny sounds or waking up before morning breaks, Here are six magical ways of making your baby sleep all night.
1. Have a bedtime schedule.
Babies learn simply and following a stable bedtime schedule will help your baby sleep longer, according to parents.com.
Babies like certainty and a daily bedtime routine provides them the right signals that it’s time to sleep. When a baby is prone to something, he or she is more likely to adapt it and settle quickly on it.
Keep the sleeping process simple. Begin with a cuddle, then a warm bath followed by clean clothes and a clean diaper. Play some soft music and give warm hugs to help your baby settle down. Soon your baby will associate these activities with sleep.

2. Keep the Lights Off
If you are someone who cannot sleep with lights on then obviously your child cannot too. Lights can be disturbing for your infant.
Keep the lights in your baby’s room on in the morning and during daytime naps, and don’t leave a light on at night.
Keeping the lights off or dimmed at night will help your baby learn the difference between daytime and night.
You can also use opaque shades to block outdoor light.
If you want to change a diaper, still do it with the lights dimmed.

3. Sing lullabies
According to a mother at pulse.com.gh, she will usually put her baby who is 10months old on her chest, sing lullabies for him till he drifts into sleep and that has worked for her for a long time now.

4. Make available “White Noise Sounds”
According to preciouslittlesleep.com, white noise “is hands down the most effective, easiest to implement, inexpensive sleep aid for babies”
So, if any slight sound like clicking off a lamp or the sound of closing the door wakes your baby, then it’s time to play some white noise.
White noise is one of the most active, simple to implement, cheaper sleep aids for babies. It helps mothers settle difficult babies within a few minutes.
It is similar to the sounds your baby heard 24/7 in the womb. The familiar strong, rhythmic noise helps babies sleep longer and even reduces stress.
White noise masks other sounds and this helps your baby sleep through the night.
The sound of a fan can create a gentle hum, which works great as white noise, let’s just hope the power doesn’t cut out.
There are also free apps for white noise as well as white-noise machines on the market.

5. Feed Your Baby on Time
Try to feed your babies 30mins before the regular eating time you make for them. Babies will always prefer a right feeding habit at all times this guarantees a safe and sound sleep since it prevents hunger.
However, If your baby has started taking solid food, keep it light and healthy.
If your baby is younger than 6 months old, make sure to belch your baby after feeding by turning him or she over on your lap and patting their backs otherwise it may lead to frequent crying at night.
Also keep night time feeding quiet and calm, and daytime feeding more social and lively, chat to your baby, or feed him or her around other people, or noises. This will help your baby learn the difference between day and night.
If your baby wakes up crying do not immediately offer breast milk or feeding bottle, wait for 10 minutes before doing any of that.

Source: top10homeremedies.com

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