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Ginger Pear Drink – Amazing Cleaner That Flush Out Toxins

You have probably heard about ginger’s health benefits, but this time you can try it in combination with the sweet pears. Since now is the perfect time of the year to find ripe pears, you can prepare this drink anytime you want.Medical research has shown that this combination helps in cleansing and strengthening the body.  Sweet and juicy pears are very rich source of dietary fiber that positively affects the cardiovascular system and digestive system.

Ingredients needed:

3 peeled and cleaned pears
2 thin circles of ginger
1/2 cucumber
1/2 peeled lemon

Method of preparation:

Put all of the ingredients in a juicer and mix them well. Now all you need to do is to strain the mixture and the drink is ready for serving.

This drink is ideal for detoxification and melting fat. Consume it before or after a meal, but not as a substitute for food.

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