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Got arthritis of the hands? 5 ways to ease the pain


There’s no ‘hands free’ option when it comes to everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, daily beauty routines or simply getting dressed in the morning.

So pain and swelling in the joints can make the simplest thing like opening a can of soup or buttoning a blouse a slow and painful process; not to mention the frustration of not being able to force a favourite ring over a swollen finger.

Osteoarthritis initially affects the smooth cartilage lining of the joint and makes movement more difficult than usual, leading to pain and stiffness. The most commonly affected joints are in the hands and it tends to develop in adults (mainly women with a family history of the condition) in their late 40s or older.

Rheumatoid arthritis affects more than 400,000 people and usually starts when someone is aged between 40 and 50, and women are three times more likely to be affected than men. It occurs when the body’s immune system targets affected joints, which leads to pain and swelling.

here are 5 movements to help you get to grips with the condition…

1. If you do a lot of repetitive tasks like typing on a keyboard, sewing or gripping utensils, the pain can get worse, so take a break and get into the habit of stretching your hands out wide and holding your fingers straight to the very tips.

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