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How to be safe when burglars break into your home

One of the scariest experience ever to befall you is to wake up in the latest hour of the night to find a gun put to your head or see that your house has been broken into. Armed robbery attacks all over the world has often seen victims either killed or traumatized even when the heartless robber(s)  get away with want they lay their eyes on.

Find out the best safety tips you can apply just in case the unfortunate happens, when an armed robber breaks into your home.

1. Retreat to safe grounds

Safety is often key whenever and wherever you get confronted by armed robbers break into your home. The gravest mistake you could ever make when a thief(s) breaks in your home is to make yourself known to him or them. Remember that one of the main reasons why they wear masks is because they hate  to be seen. So you would also have to do same. This could mean hiding under a table, locking yourself and family into a secluded room.

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