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How To Create Million Dollar Ideas

set and reach goal concept
1. The most valuable creative tool you have is your brain. Why? Your brain has 4 powers:
1. The power to absorb – to take in information and knowledge
2. The power of retention – the ability to retain and recall knowledge
3. The power of judgement & logical thought
4. The power of imagination- the ability to think creatively
Lesson: we all have the power to be creative thinkers because we all have brains. And creative thinking creates your life. How? As a man thinks, so is he.
When you think things through, creation follows.
2. Rewards in life will always be in the same proportion of the service you give.
Effort = Rewards
If you want increased rewards, you need to increase your effort, both the quantity and quality of that effort and service.
3. As human beings, we get paid (rewarded) 2 different ways:
– Tangible (monetary)
– Intangible (personal/inner satisfaction of a job well done)
Now, you may be thinking: all well and good Elliot but how exactly do we create million dollar ideas:
Every idea starts with your thought process and your thinking.
If you spend enough time thinking creatively about a particular problem, and exploring solutions, my guess is that you WILL come up with a million dollar idea.
If you’re not exactly where you want to be and the rewards you desire are not exactly where they should be, Here’s an exercise you can do right now:
Be sure to be brutally honest with yourself:
On a scale of 1-10,
1. How much effort are you really putting in to achieve the rewards you desire?
2. How can you improve the amount (quantity) of effort you put on?
3. How can you improve the quality of effort you put in everyday?
Answer this, apply it and watch you move closer to your goals
Thanks for reading and do have a fulfilled day.

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