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How to eat healthy as you age


Consuming whatever appeals to our eyes is one eating habit common to most of us during our youthful years, however as we age, the body begins to force us to make some dietary changes if you must age gracefully.Some of us in our earlier years consumed much of  white bread, biscuits and pastries, etc.  However as we age we have to change the way we eat. If you are in perfect health at fifty, without regular appointments regarding your health condition, then a big congratulations.  Here are a list of common everyday foods to include in your diet if you want to age gracefully.  Whether you are in the masculine or feminine gender, the list is applicable to you
1.  Green Vegetables:  These are a class of foods not usually enjoyed by children due to their high fibre, but are the favorite of the aged.  They are loaded with active nutrients that work fast to rebuild aging and degenerating cells.  They help the liver detox heavy metals, enrich your blood with iron, feed healthy cells and starve cancerous ones.

2.  Black-eyed cowpea or Other beans:  The black eyed cowpea is actually my favourite, it is easily digestible especially when soaked  before cooking.  It is helpful in regulating blood sugar.  It gives energy that lasts and helps provide the protein needed to repair damaged tissues.

3.  Ginger:  If you are not a friend of spices, but are now in your  50s then reconsider your position.  it is an anti cancer, anti inflammatory, antifungal food that helps ward off cold and other immune suppressors. Ginger could be added to your regular dishes like soups, stews or even taken as tea.

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