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How to get rid of body odour!

Body odour is one of the most common skin woes and can happen with anyone. Many people tend to use powerful chemically-based deodorants and perfume to stop the stink. But one can easily get rid of this unwanted body smell with the help of natural remedies.

Here are some natural remedies to get rid of body odour:

Take bath regularly:Regular shower helps you get rid of the unwanted smell. Showering twice a day helps removes the sweat and surface bacteria. You can also use an antibacterial soap.

Keep your underarms clean:One should keep their underarms cleans by shaving hair regularly to stop body odor from developing there.

Rub Underarms with Sliced Lemon/Lime:Believe it or not, the results it gives are just fantastic. Just cut the lime in half (not very ripe), and then wipe each of the halves on each armpit. It is possible that after rubbing lime, the skin under the arms will brighten a little, but don’t worry, the color of the skin will be restored soon after.

Lime’s ability to combat armpit sweat is due to its acidity. The acid in the lime juice helps reduce sweat production and can work as a natural deodorant. Additionally, limes have strong antibacterial properties (bacteria is what we smell).Remember, armpits are supposed to perspire; they get rid of toxins in your body. However, you can get rid of the body odor; just use limes

Stop smoking:Smoking increases the production of free radicals that causes bacteria to form on the skin which further develops body odour.

Drink lots of water:Drinking lots of water helps you get rid of unwanted smell as the toxins in the body are expelled regularly.

Use scented creams:Scented creams is one of the best ways to get rid of body odour as the fragrance lasts longer than body mists, deodorants or perfumes.

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