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How to Have A Wedding On A Budget


Despite all the love and happiness that weddings can bring out in even the most repressed Ghanaian, you can count on the fact that the bride and groom (or their parents) are dreading looking at their finances come Monday.

Here are the Few ways to save while still making your wedding look expensive.

The entrance to your reception should ideally have a welcoming array of flower displays to ‘wow’ your guests on arrival. However, if that’s pushing you over budget, why not dress two handsome male model waiters in your theme (such as white tie and tails) to be on either side of the entrance, and obviously have them hold a tray of champagne flutes. No one will notice a lack of flowers with a bit of bubbly in-hand.


Don’t just think your wedding should be floral heavy in its décor. Lighting is what really transforms a space. Without pin-spotting (spot lighting) your flower displays there is zero point in having them. Additionally, horrid ballroom carpets can be magically covered by a clever dabbled wash of patterned gobo lights.

Food and beverages can be one of the biggest expenses at a wedding. Perhaps break with tradition and have a standing reception that evolves into a party, and create favourite miniature canapes paired with champagne to pass around (this can also be fun for chefs). You’ll avoid large meal costs while still lining your guests’ stomachs. Win, win.


Hire a restaurant for your reception instead of a ballroom. Most restaurants don’t charge room hire fees, just a minimum food and drink spend – so all your venue budget goes on that essential ingredient of feeding and watering your guests, saving you a whopping large room hire fee!

ity weddings will always be cheaper than countryside/remote locations. Lots of couples don’t consider the additional expenses when planning for suppliers when you are in a remote Somerset field. The best suppliers will always be based in cities – from florists, to DJ’s and so on. If they have to travel far, they may require accommodation to be taken care of, and travel costs as well.

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