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How to have better eyesight, youthful skin and thicker hair

skin careA secret to prolonged youth has been revealed by a 70-year old woman, who has been looking as she is being 30 years young.

The consumption of this elixir has made her skin smoother and youthful, her hair thicker and shiny and her eyesight significantly better and clearer, was claimed by the woman. Even her hair has stopped going white!

It is cheap to be made and as it is all natural and safe, it seemed its worth to be tried!it’s all natural and safe… and it’s cheap to make!

For this recipe you will need:

– Two lemons

– 100 ml of linseed oil

– 5 kg of honey

– 1 garlic clove
These ingredients are proven to be great for regaining youth


– Remove the skin from one of the lemons.

– Put the lemons –both the peeled and unpeeled– in your blender, together with the cleaned garlic clove.

– Add the honey while blending the lemons and garlic, all of which has to mix for a while.

– Then start adding the linseed oil, until the mixture is completely homogeneous.

– Store the mixture in a glass jar and refrigerate it.

Consume one teaspoon before each meal, which means you would ingest it three times a day.

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