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How To Live healthy By Avoiding These Foods High In Sugar


Nutrition is a prerequisite to our daily food intake.However, along with that nutrition, a lot of unwanted sugar is also coming in. Weight watchers would probably have an eye on the sugary content of various food items that make up our regular diet. But most of us may not realize how some foods are more harmful than helpful.

So, what are those everyday foods that are high in sugar and must be avoided? This post talks about those.The human body runs on a sugar called glucose. This is what our food is converted into and also what the fat is broken into, to produce energy. Food that we eat contains processed sugar called sucrose, which is broken down into glucose and fructose. Now, some foods contain excessive sugars that overload the body with unnecessary fructose, which in turn becomes fat.

1.Fruit Juices:
Juices, especially on a hot day, are quite the boosters. And no wonder they are full of nutrition. Additionally, they are filled with fiber, providing us with a balanced intake of sugar and nutrition. They why should they be avoided?

Juices, unfortunately, provide mostly sugar, and too much of sugar consumption is obviously not healthy. Those fruits having the lowest sugar content happen to be lemons, strawberries, papayas and watermelons. So if you want to have fruit juice, you can go for these.

2.Dry Fruits:

Again, fruits are best had fresh, as the dried versions have water removed from them artificially. Certainly, dry fruits are bad owing to the high sugar content in them. One can find a wide choice of these in supermarkets everywhere. Taking an apricot as an example, while 30g contains 17 calories, half a cup of dried apricots contain about 170 calories.

3.Beverages And Energy Drinks:

Piling up your supermarket trolley with colorful beverages is not always advisable. The argument on cola drinks has been going for a while. Beyond that, iced tea mixes, juice concentrates, flavored milk and all such similar bottled beverages are chock-a-block with sugars, giving you more than 200 calories for just a few gulps. All you need to do is turn around the bottle and look at the labels. Energy drinks, obviously, give you immense energy. However, the question is, are you spending it?

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