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How to protect your child from Bullying

Bullying is everywhere in our society. From physical to cyber bullying, these tips on being bullied is a parent’s guide to helping the child.

Types of bullying include physical bullying which involves hitting, shoving, pushing, tripping, and other kinds of force. Verbal bullying involves hurtful comments, name-calling, teasing, insulting and other abusive use of words. Social or relationship bullying include refusing to talk to someone, excluding someone from group activities and other activities that makes one feel inferior in a relationship. The final type is cyber bullying which involves the use of electronic communication to bully others.  

As a parent how will you know your child is being bullied? How do you deal with it and what can teachers and other stakeholders do to help? On the topic of tips of being bullies, here’s a guide to calm bullying in the society.

Know your child/student

Knowing your child will help you realise even the smallest change in your child’s emotions. You will know when the emotions, sleep pattern and other behaviours of the children change. You can’t know them if you don’t get involved in their activities. Chat with your children when they come back from school, from the playground and also to the teachers ask the children how their day went. Act immediately you notice any changes in the child’s response to conversation.

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