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How to Teach Your Children to See True Beauty

It has become all too common today to see people (children AND adults) engrossed in their phones, no matter where you are. I’ve watched couples on dates ignore the person in front of them in favor of clicking around on Facebook. I’ve seen teens snap pictures of their feet while walking trails to post on Instagram, rather than looking up at the nature around them. And we’ve ALL seen people running all over town in an effort to catch elusive Pokemon.
Desiring God blogger Bonnie McKernan writes that on a recent beach trip, she watched a child wander the sand focused on the screen in his hand. It was an extraordinarily beautiful day and he was missing it.
McKernan said this image made her think about her own parenting, and how she wants to teach her children to appreciate beauty in the world around them.
She writes, “Are the things I am consistently putting in front of my children helping them see and enjoy God, or are they blocking the view of him? It’s easy to simply focus on what not to put before them, but forget to show them beauty, or forget to teach them about beauty when they’re exposed to it.”

Beauty is from God. He gave us beauty in everything from mountains to valleys, and from oceans to deserts. There is beauty to be found in music, in literature, and in art. But if we fail to look for it, beauty is easily missed.
McKernan said she has resolved to teach her children to see God’s beauty in the following ways:
1. Put before your children what is true and lovely.
“Saturate their lives with God’s word and God’s creation. What I put before them is often more important than what I am not.”
Refuse the temptation to place the trendy or flashy in your children’s lives. Instead, intentionally immerse them in creation.

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