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Do you know That the way We Eat Is the way We Live?

How we eat is how we live is an interesting concept .Thinking about how we eat is just as important as what we eat. Being kind to yourself is key and this really counts when it comes to your relationship with food. Eating when you are hungry is a huge one that I hear lots of people struggle with. Do you eat when you are bored, tired, and emotional? Do you eat when you are full up already?
Few steps to changing your relationship with food…

1.Eat with the intention of being in full view of other people.

2.Eat enough at meal times to avoid binges and cravings.

3.Eat with enjoyment.

4.Eat gracefully and slowly.

5.Eat sitting down in a calm environment.

6.Eat what your body not your mind wants.

7.Stop when your body has had enough.

Next time you become aware of yourself wanting to snack when you aren’t hungry, try to find joy in reading, exercising or calling a friend. Don’t become obsessed with being a certain weight or dress size, remember that the real you is not in what you achieve, or weight or eat, you are whole when you stop trying to fix yourself and start feeling and living! Fill yourself up from the inside not just from the outside. Happiness starts from within.


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