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List of Gluten Free Foods to include in Your Food


Gluten is actually is a rare form of protein found mostly in wheat endosperm.   What makes gluten worth noting is its usually unnoticed negative effects on the health of some individuals, over time. Below are 19 foods that are gluten free to include in your diet.

1.  Bananas:

Bananas are usually found in their natural form and is among top gluten free foods to look for especially if you have irritable gut.  They possess uncommon carbs known as disaccharides which usually provide a quick form of energy.  They are good  if you are walking out or just back from a long walk and need quick replenishment of electrolyte and energy.  It is easily digestible and low in sodium, calming the stomach if troubled.  It is rich is in important minerals, and vitamins especially those of the B group.

2.  Egg.

Eggs, especially Chicken eggs are nutrient dense and surprisingly, its gluten free too.  Its loaded with important nutrients, like vitamins A, D, K and E .  It is low in calorie despite its nutrient density.  It is a source of protein too and helps you meet your body’s nutrient requirement for the day without gluten.

3.  Milk:

Another delicious but controversial food is milk.  Though it is difficult to rank today’s milk as a totally natural food as we usually advocate, but it almost practically impossible to have it 100% natural especially in today’s toxic environment, it incidentally ranked among the gluten free foods.  Some  prefer goat’s milk, which is not as available as the common cow’s milk.  but whichever, milk is another nutrient dense food that is gluten free.  It is a food we begin eaten from childhood  and even at the evening of our lives when our digestion and teeth are no longer taking all that we desire to eat.  Milk is one food that the elderly still admits, though in reduced quantity.  They desire it daily, as it contains most nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc and other vitamins needed at old age.

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