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List Of Best And Healthy Fruits For Diabetics


Diabetics do not have to eliminate all sugary foods from their regular meals. Sugar or glucose is a vital But when you have to deal with diabetes, it is necessary to take care of your sweet cravings in an appropriate manner. Hence, portion control is essential for every diabetic.

So, what would be the best practical way to ensure diabetics get their required intake of sugar? Requirement for the human body. It fuels us with energy so that we can stay active all day. Most would prefer a healthier and natural way, and what better way is there to go with than fruits! A quick light snack, an after meal desert, or simply blended and squeezed into a refreshing drink, fruits can be consumed in many ways. Fruits also provide us with roughage, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

But how would fruits benefit a diabetic?

Well, in addition to the various nutrients fruits give, the simple sugars or carbs in them are a whole lot easier for the body to process. Also, these are the healthier kind of sugars the body needs.

Diabetes may cause weight loss, resulting in severe health adversities. Including fruits in their diet regimen can contribute towards reducing the excessive weight of many diabetics. One of the effects of diabetes is that it makes people hungry all the time, and the intake of certain fruits can create the feeling of fullness.

Again, too much of anything can prove to be bad for you. Thus, when consuming fruits, a diabetic must be cautious and careful while picking the fruits to eat. Certain fruits are remarkably high in sugar content while others are low. Sugar content is high in dried fruits than in fresh fruits.

Following are the top 25 fruits that are ideal for diabetics:

1.Lime And Lemons:

These are two fruits that contain high levels of vitamin C. They also have other vitamins like vitamin A, B, magnesium, sodium, fiber, etc. The interesting thing about limes and lemons is that they have a considerable level of soluble fiber. This helps regulate the blood sugar level. Soluble fiber restrains the amount of sugar taken in by blood. Also, the low glycemic percentage will keep a person’s glucose levels constant.


Cranberries have good quantities of fiber and antioxidants. They also help in regulating the body’s glucose levels as they have very little sugar in them. Cranberry juice, if taken on a regular basis, can help prevent UTIs that are usually common in diabetic patients.

3.Passion Fruit:

Passion fruits are rich in vitamin C. Studies show that the powder of passion fruit and its peels have a soluble fiber known as pectin, which can benefit those suffering from diabetes. Pectin slows the blood’s ability to absorb sugar. This is the same as the case with limes and lemons.

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