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Positive Natural Ways to Decrease Blood Pressure

Blood presssure

What is High Blood Pressure?
High blood pressure is also called High BP or Hypertension. It is a condition in which the rate of the blood pressure flowing through the arteries is elevated. This condition can lead to a number of heart and artery problems. People suffering from high BP are also at the risk of developing kidney diseases, strokes and aneurysms.

Common Signs
It is not always very easy to detect high BP. However, there are a few common symptoms which you should look out for. These include an irregular heartbeat, chest pain and tiredness. Some people may even start to experience a nosebleed and show signs of confusion. In all these cases, it is essential to visit a doctor immediately and get your blood pressure levels checked. The earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to keep the blood pressure under control.

How Can You Prevent Hypertension?
Your diet is the best way to help you control hypertension. There are certain kinds of foods which should be incorporated into your daily diet in order to control your blood pressure levels. These foods include green tea, tomatoes, celery and soy. If you have these foods regularly, your levels often get stabilized or the BP rate reduces.
Just like how you should incorporate certain foods into your diet, there are also certain foods which you should cut down on or stop altogether. People suffering from high BP are usually advised to cut down on their salt intake. Fast food and junk food are also a big no-no. These foods are major contributors to this condition.

The addition of unsaturated fat in olive oil causes salad leaves to make compounds called nitro fatty acids which react in the stomach with an enzyme to lower our high blood pressure.

There are two essential ingredients for the chemical reaction to occur. They are:
# 1.Unsaturated fats
Unsaturated fats are found in::
•olive oil;
•nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashew, hazelnuts, macadamia and pecans;
•avocados; and
•oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, fresh tuna, herring, pilchards, swordfish and sardines.

# 2.Compounds called nitrites and nitrates
Nitrites are found in high levels in many salad vegetables including:
•carrots; and
Beetroot juice
A study into the beneficial effects of drinking beetroot juice also concluded that it was the nitro fatty acids reacting in the stomach with an enzyme that helped to reduce hypertension.

Try to follow a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet and cutting down on restaurant and junk food. Exercise on a regular basis is also essential. In addition, always remember to get regular check-ups so that you and the doctor can keep a track on your pressure levels.

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