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Positive Ways On How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

It is said that you are what you eat. This means that the food or drink intake plays a significant role in achieving healthy teeth and overall health. When eating, your teeth and gums are greatly impacted because you are not only feeding your body, but also the bacteria responsible in developing plaque or stains on your teeth.

Plaque buildup may cover the entire surfaces of your teeth. The enamel of your teeth will deteriorate when starches or sugar mixed with the plaque, thus results to acid formation.

Aside from the possibility of tooth decay, there are other dental issues that may occur such as breaking down of the gums and other structure of the teeth. To get healthy teeth, the best thing to do is to avoid the harmful foods that can ruin your dental structures.

1. Sodas (and diet sodas)

There is a valid reason why you should avoid drinks that contain soda. The sugary soft drink can satisfy your craving for something sweet, but the truth is that it can damage your dental health.

Likewise, the intense flavor of sodas can confuse your body to the natural sweet of fruits. Since sodas contain artificial sweeteners, it does not only cause tooth decay, but also encourages weight gain.

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