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Powerful And Proven Health Benefits of Homemade Yogurt


Yogurt is fermented milk and contains many of the good qualities of milk. Apart from its good taste, yogurt has therapeutic powers that provide many health benefits.
Yogurt is loaded with healthy nutrients. It is a rich source of calcium, and yogurt with live active cultures aids the body’s absorption of calcium.
Also, yogurt contains protein that is easy to digest. Other valuable nutrients in yogurt are riboflavin, B vitamins, folic acid, lactic acid, potassium, phosphorous, iodine and zinc.
The health benefits of yogurt are so impressive that many health-conscious people eat it daily. Of all the types of yogurt in the market today, the healthiest choice is yogurt with live active cultures (good bacteria).

Here are 15 Surprising Health Benefits of Yogurt

1. Aids Digestion
Yogurt is an easily digestible food. In addition, the good bacteria or probiotics present in some types of yogurt help with digestion of other foods and promote regularity. Also, yogurt is highly recommended for those suffering from different gastrointestinal conditions like constipation, diarrhea and stomach aches.
Eat one cup of low-fat yogurt with live cultures daily to soothe your tummy and keep your digestive tract running smoothly.

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