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Powerful and Proven health benefits of tiger nuts

Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts are one of nature’s super foods. They are high in fibre, highly nutritious and are believed to contain ingredients that can help prevent heart attacks and improve blood circulation. People in North Africa and Spain have been snacking on tiger nuts for centuries, so read on and find out ten of the amazing health benefits of tiger nuts.

1. Tiger nuts’ high content in fiber keeps your whole body healthy

Tiger nuts have been shown to be high in dietary fiber. This fiber content is higher than other often suggested sources of fiber, such as oat bran, rice bran, peaches, cabbage, pears, apple, carrots, jack beans and chia seeds. Fiber helps your body by providing simple relief and prevention of constipation and also keeps you fuller, longer, aiding in weight loss and weight maintenance. It also names fiber as a great way to lower cholesterol.

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  1. Wow! I learned something new today 😊 it’s my first time knowing aboyt tiger nuts and I am very impressed with all the health benefits! I haven’t seen them here in the states but will probably look for it so I can gve it a try. Thank you!!!


    • Am glad you like the post on the health benefits of tiger nuts.we have a lot of it here in my country(Ghana-West Africa).i guess if you search for them in the African shops in your country you can find them.

  2. I’ve never heard of tiger nuts! Will have to search for them at the shops tomorrow.

  3. Sounds interesting! So many health benefits to nuts!

  4. I’ve never even heard of tiger nuts! They sound great. Will sniff them out 😄 Ree love30

  5. Love your blog and thanks for sharing the healthy benefits of Tiger nuts.

  6. I never had Tiger Nuts! They looks like mini rocks!


  7. Thats really interesting! I didnt know thAt

  8. Never heard of tiger nuts, definitly will check them out soon! It sounds like they have some great health benefits.

    Kelly Knows It

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