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Proven Health Benefits of Nutmeg


The nutmeg fruit is commonly used in tropics – the seed of the fruit is known as the nutmeg. It is used in various forms such as a spice and oil. When used as a spice, it gives a strong attractive smell to the recipes. It is also added to pies, pastries and cakes. In this article of is nutmeg good for you information will be given on the benefits of this spice. However, similar to any food, excess consumption can result in side effects.

Similar to other fruits, it was used in medicine in Middle Eastern and Asian countries. However, if you go beyond the prescribed dose, you can end up feeling hallucinations.

Now let us see the benefits of nutmeg.

1.Brain Health

The oil of nutmeg contains two components, myristicin and macelignan, which are necessary for normal functioning of the brain. The components keep the neural pathways active and healthy, thus preventing diseases such as dementia/ or Alzheimers.’

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