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Small Changes for Big Health Improvements


Here are some relatively pain-free changes you can make today:

Choose tomato based sauces rather than cream.
When eating starches (potatoes, pasta, breads, crackers, etc.), match or even double your fruit or vegetables to the amount of starch consumed.
Keep fresh, washed, and cut fruits and vegetables on hand to avoid convenience snacking on chips and crackers.
Eat home more as restaurant foods are often loaded with fats and chemicals (then used the money saved to treat yourself with something nonfood related).
Choose water over sugared drinks.
Choose nuts and sunflower seeds over chips.
Choose fruit with whip cream over cakes, cookies, and pies.
Choose avocados over mayonnaise and butter
Add raw spinach to your sandwiches and dips
Choose stairs over elevators.

Do you have any other healthy but easy to implement ideas to share? What has worked best for you? What would you like to do differently?

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