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How to start your working day Right

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So if you want to be productive, feel energized and happy, then incorporate these few practices into your daily life.

1. Spend time talking to God

Psalms 35:5:Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Proverbs 16:3:Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.

Most of us don’t go a day without talking to someone but not all of us can say the same for how often we talk with God. Starting your day with prayer puts everything else into its place. As a Christian, daily prayer is a central part of my morning routine. I place my day, my decisions, and everything about to do in front of the Lord and ask for his guidance in helping me to live as He would have me do. Regardless of whether you’re a Christian, spending 15-30 minutes of quiet every morning putting everything into perspective can have its benefits.

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  1. What a nice write up.keep up the good work.This is very informative.

  2. Nice on dere unko… keep it up n GOD bless u

  3. Great write-up brother.

  4. Wonderful piece and very insightful 👍.

  5. Wonderful post! I would’ve needed this today when I went to work haha 😀

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  6. Wonderful advice, slowing down instead of rushing about in the morning is very important. If it’s not a prayer, some form of meditation works wonders as well.

  7. I always start my day off with a hot beverage tea or coffee, exercise and writing a to-do list, I find it helps keep me productive. Nice blog post 🙂

  8. nice post, taking time in the morning to do things slow to start the day the right way !

  9. There’s an art in waking slowly and taking time to get ready. I used to stay in bed until the last possible minute but have found that waking up early and actually going slower has a much more positive effect on my day! xo

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