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The Power Of Creative Thinking

stay positive
A Fact of Life is that Many Intelligent People would always work for the Creative People.
Albert Einstein said ” Creativity is Intelligence having Fun” and “Creativity is the Highest form of Intelligence” . So it goes without saying that STRIVE TO BECOME A MAN OF CREATIVITY, INSTEAD OF A MAN OF INTELLIGENCE…..
In the Movie “Air Force One” . The Phrase “Get off my plane!” Just reading that sentence, you can hear Harrison Ford barking the famous catchphrase at Gary Oldman during a climactic sequence in “Air Force One.” It’s a familiar line, since we’ve all seen the classic 1997 thriller about a president (Ford) thwarting the Russian terrorist (Oldman) who’s hijacked the flying White House.
One of my favorite portions of the Movie is when the Terrorist had the President on the Floor and had a gun over him, all seemed lost or so it looked like, All of a sudden, A window of Opportunity opened up and the President(Harrison Ford) said those memorable words ” GET OFF MY PLANE” and he kicked the Terrorist out of the Plane into his death..
Then I got thinking, In life, we get beat down by circumstances, situations, problems and it may seem that all hope is lost, but the will and the courage to persevere despite the odds is only given to a Few. You need to find that inner drive to press on.
Speak to your situation, problem, challenges, circumstances, Tell them “GET OFF MY PLANE” and Watch them VAPORIZE before you.

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