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The Power Of Words

Words have energy, they are living things. Everything we verbalize has the power to magnetically manifest whatever we say as reality. Words carry immeasurable significance. We live in a world where words are in abundance, yet sincerity is in rations. Words received in carelessness lose their ethos, their credibility. Words captivate and control the human emotions. They anger us, they make us rejoice, they make us cry, and they make us hope. We’re constantly judging our happiness based off the words given from someone. The words we use help us define who we are. If we tell ourselves we’re clumsy, over and over, we reinforce the clumsy image, and guess what? We become clumsy.

Whatever we say to ourselves repeatedly gets imprinted in our internal computer and becomes our belief system. Beliefs promote feelings, which in turn start our unending self-talk. What we say to ourselves is how we expect to perform. How we perform directly affects what we believe about ourselves. And on and on goes the self-talk cycle

Words not used in the correct way bring wreck, havoc, and disharmony to those whom the words are fired towards. However, one good, edifying word brings joy and hope to those who need it most. The ways words are said reveal the condition of the heart and the status of the circumstance. When used correctly, words have the power to change the world. Words are attached to the soul; they are a member of us. The word goes from the page and infuses into our inmost being. I believe in the power of words, Words have Life, so choose your words wisely. God has given His children a new nature, and we are taught to daily renew our mind and attitude. Having a positive outlook on life and speaking positive words based on God’s Word is one of the most wholesome things we can do.
When you get up in the morning, if there is something you need to attend to that day that you’re not looking forward to, you can say, “I dread this day,” or you can say, “God will give me strength today to do whatever I need to do and to do it with joy.” Which of these two statements do you think would better prepare you for the day?

As we have seen, we eat our words, and we can rightfully say that they are food for our souls. Anyone who wants to be healthy is careful to choose quality food that will provide good nutrition. If we want to be healthy in our soul and spirit, we should also choose to take in words that will build us up and increase our peace and joy. The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV)

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