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The Way You Dress Does It Really Matter?

Creating and maintaining a professional image for yourself is important as we all know. No matter the occasion which you are attending, dressing up according to the theme of the event can help you stand out in a crowd of many. If you wear your casuals for a major project you will become a matter of joke for the ones around you. See if you actually take a few minutes to think about it, dressing formal actually brings you closer to any sort of success you have in mind. Yet I’ve noticed that by the passing years, our generation cares less about dressing more formal. It seems boring, unattractive, and in some cases people believe that it doesn’t let you express who you really are.
The way you dress says a whole lot for your personality and your main priorities. You do remember how many elders say “First Impressions Matter”, right? It completely does, and even more than we believe. Those around you take what you have to say more seriously when you are dressed appropriate than if you were to wear something casual. Dressing and grooming appropriately helps in many ways whether it’s about getting a new employment or closing a deal. Many of us don’t seem to notice how effective the way we dress is to our reputation. The belief is “if it fits, it works”, but not quite exactly.Clothing which reveals too much cleavage, back, chest, stomach of underwear is highly inappropriate for a business attire.The length of your dress or skirt should be at a length at which you are capable of sitting comfortably in public

Here are just some of the reasons for dressing modestly!!!!!

1. Safety!  You may not realize it, but dressing like a slut or prostitute invites predators, excites the male passions, inflames the penises and puts you in real danger.  Just read the papers about how many prostitutes are murdered, without any seeming motive.  It never makes sense to inflame the passions of the male organs for any reason unless you are alone with your lover/husband and it is all planned.You never know when you are driving, for example, if you car breaks down or you have a flat tire, or someone you are with breaks down and you must walk through a bad neighborhood.  You should always be prepared for this, because it happens all the time.  Be prepared, and one of the simplest ways is to always dress like you are going to walk through dark alleys alone and you need to be covered up adequately.

2. Professionalism.  It is always wise to look like a professional lady, even if you are just a student, a housewife, or just anything else.  It gives you respect, and people will listen to you far more.  You will carry a certain authority.  It should not be so, because people should listen to you no matter how you look.  However, it is true that uniforms carry authority with them.  You need not spend a lot on the clothes.  It is more about the look than the actual design or even condition of the clothing.

3. Attracting only what you want and need, and nothing else.  The way you dress can either cause people to be more interested in you, or it can turn them off to you, meaning it makes them walk away.  This is called signaling.It is very real, and women all over the world do it unconsciously.So decide what and who you are looking for, and often, though not always, you will get it – or him, provided you have integrity – meaning you look the part, also.
So ladies, if you want a fine man, look like a fine woman.  If you want a man of decency, and I hope you do, then look like a woman of decency.  If you want a man of wealth or means, then look like a woman who deserves, desires and cares for money.  It does not mean to “look like a million dollars”.It means to look modest, wholesome, and healthy.

4. Putting others at ease. It is extremely helpful to help others feel at ease with you.  They will treat you better, smile more, be more helpful to you when you need help, and so on.  Did you know that many people feel very uncomfortable around others who are dressed in either seductive clothing, torn clothing, dirty clothing, or even too formal clothing with lots of makeup, for example?  When you dress for fun, you are ignoring the way others will feel around you.You never know when you will need to deal with authorities like the police, the firemen, or others.  It is always helpful to dress nicely, and look older and responsible.  They will treat you with far more respect and even awe, rather than treat you like a pimply kid who doesn’t know how to dress right, and, they may guess from your outfit, has an unhealthy lifestyle.

5. Causing people to pay heed and listen to you, and do what you tell them. This may seem like an odd reason, but it is very important to appear, look and talk like an authority figure, at times.For example, a little girl might stray into the traffic and you must yell out, “Come here at once and get out of the road”.  If you are dressed like a whore, people are much less likely to pay heed.  If you are ever accosted, being dressed cleanly and professionally is definitely an asset as well.  It is simply harder to take off more clothing.

6. Avoiding a wrong focus in your life, and in what you project to others.This is a critical reason.  If you are not a whore, why dress like one?  It is not cool, as some think.  It is stupid, demeaning, and very dangerous in some places and situations.But it is also a wrong focus.  It is a focus on the lower energy centers of the body, a focus on your physical body, a focus on sex, a focus on flesh instead of spirit, and a focus on you, the ego, rather than a focus on you the brainchild and the spiritual child of god.  Dressing slutty is a completely wrong focus. 

7.Setting a good example for others.  Wherever you go, and whatever you wear and do, you are setting an example.  Did you know that?  It is true.  You set an example for other young women, for men, for older people and of course, for the children and those younger than you.Do you realize that you have this power, every one of you?Therefore, be careful about the example you set.

From what you have just read,do you think the way one dresses matters?Hoping to read your comments.

Sincerely yours

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  1. I agree with you on the first impression matters. I personally think that what we wear portray us as an individual. I also believe that clothing build a person’s confident.

  2. I don’t think the way a woman dresses should invite any sort of violence or condone harassment. Harassment is, at its base form, inherently sexist and a woman should be able to wear whatever she likes without being targeted on the street. It’s sad that we live in a world where the way a woman dresses determines how entitled a man is to HER body. While I do agree it’s true we live in a society where judgement comes from first glance, judgement is different from harassment.

  3. I believe it doesn’t matter – but at some events – first impression is important

  4. Although I do believe that dressing for the job you want works, and you should remain professional in the appropriate situations. I absolutely do not condone saying women dress like ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’. People should dress however they like and saying that a woman should cover up in case her car breaks down or she needs to walk through an alley is ridiculous. Instead we should focus on a man having enough respect and control that he does not feel the urge to abuse/rape/mistreat a woman when she is showing skin.

    I feel like you missed the boat with this article.

  5. Amazing post!
    I think, yes, it´s important how we dress. Trough it we are showing who we really are, and sometimes we don´t dress for others, we dress for ourselves 🙂


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