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These fat-rich foods can actually help you lose weight!

Fats are a major source of energy and make up a huge part of our daily diets. They are essential for bodily functions like absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, building of cell membranes and sheaths surrounding nerves.

Besides these functions, fats also aid in blood clotting, muscle movement and prevent inflammation. However, we try making a conscious effort to reduce our fat intake each time.

When it comes to healthy eating, our first move is to eliminate all foods from our diet that contain the smallest amount of fat. After all, you’ve heard so much about how excess fat intake causes heart disease risks, obesity and huge number of health related issues!
But did you know, that according to most health experts, this is the wrong route to take?

All you need to change is the type of food you eat which differs in the type of fat they contain and there are ways to do that!

How would you like it if we tell you that there are certain foods that are loaded with fats but will actually help you lose weight? It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Below, we have compiled a list of ten such fat-rich foods that will actually help you reduce a few inches!

Check them out!

1. Almonds:These nuts are rich in calories, however, due to their unsaturated fat and protein content, they are recommended by doctors to consume on a daily basis. They are full of healthy fats and help prevent cancer and minimize the risk of heart disease.

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