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Tips on how to Overcome Inferiority complex

Inferiority complex can be defined as a feeling that you are not as good, as intelligent, and as attractive, etc. as other people. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behavior.

 Dealing with inferiority complex

First of all you must determine the root cause for your inferiority. This root cause may be as simple as a bad childhood experience such as rejection or being called names like dumb or stupid.

Determining the root cause for your inferiority is an essential step that can help you get over it quickly. Try to recall your childhood and remember the bad experiences you have been through. In many cases these bad experiences might be buried in the unconscious mind because of the pain associated with bringing them to the surface. This applies to the way a child is treated when growing up, using negative words on a child can lead to the child having inferiority complex in the future.

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