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Tips on how to prepare for a Job interview


Interviews require much research and planning. Generally, you should do the following when preparing and going for interview:
1. Dress appropriately for the interview
2. Do not show up too early or too late
3. Do not take mobile phones to an interview session
4. Be polite with both phone interviews and in-person interviews
5. Have a quiet environment if it’s a phone interview
6. Do not go with your child/ren or any other person to the interview
7. Remember to carry with you a copy of your updated CV
8. Do not chew a gum during interviews
9. Do not bring water/drinks into interview session
10. Do not wear sunglasses
11. Don’t wear too much make-up
12. Keep minimal perfume on you
13. Keep a neat haircut/hairdo
14. Keep a profile of the company
15. Learn extensively about the role you applied for
16. Never cross your legs during interview
17. Don’t interrupt the interviewer by making/answering calls
18. Pay attention to questions and keep your focus
19. Keep a calm body language
20. Avoid consistent use of “you know” or “like”
21. Avoid using poor grammar/pidgin
22. Don’t talk too much, keep your answers straight to the point
23. Never cut off the interviewer’s question to answer
24. Resist telling jokes and laughing too much
25. Avoid gender sensitive statements
26. Keep frequent eye contact with the interviewer
27. Never criticize your last employer or boss
28. Remember your work history
29. Don’t be answering interview questions from written notes
30. Don’t forget the names of your previous employers
31. Keep an update of the job you applied for
32. When ask about compensation and benefits; be confident and name your price
33. Talk about career growth and how you will impact the business positively when asked why you want to work with them
34. Never talk politics/religion during interview session
35. Remember to thank interviewers for the audience given you

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