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To be a good business leader,you must have these essential skills

Modern trends in business present many new challenges for both employees and business leaders. In an interconnected, fast moving world, we need to be equipped for the stress related activities, tolerance needed and be able to be divergent in our thinking, especially when making business decisions.

With technological advancement, one should be more effective, efficient, proactive and create a long lasting relationships with both internal and external customers.

In a competitive world, we need leaders with fresh ideas, who are willing to take risks, inspire, motivate and build new strategic partnerships to address global challenges and also meet customer demands. The leader must adopt skills sets needed for such a task in enhancing his/her success in building a career in the world of business. Kindly see below very vital attributes required to be a great and influential leader;

Be Effective: According to Peter Drucker-“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” People keep themselves busy with the idea that they are effective and resourceful. Surprisingly, doing too many things at the same time doesn’t necessary make one effective. It again goes beyond finishing a task in a record time. We have to consider the quality of task undertaken and its effect on the business. It is therefore obligatory to formulate a clear vision, mission and set priorities as well as a definite objective and goal for your followers.

Always find a balance between doing the urgent and important things. Make sure you communicate these expectations to all target audience and ensure they have understood them. Let’s identify our short, medium and long term expectations and develop a plan to achieve same, we should be smart in forcasting potential challenges and adopt measures to curb them. A leader’s effectiveness should lead to a long term stability of the business; his/her act of effectiveness can build trust with customers both internal/external. It is an expectation of the leader to support his/her followers as well as customers on the use of the products and services been provided.

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  1. Running a business really requires discipline… Most businesses fail because of the owners getting too relaxed since they feel that it’s theirs

  2. I completely agree with your list! My favorite would have to be #4–be an agent of change. It is so important for leaders to be he ones who set a good example.

    Great article.


  3. Wonderful post as always!

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. Informative post and thanks for sharing your insights.

  5. I think being effective is very very important! Good leaders can’t waste their precious time.

  6. Great list. I think being effective and communicating well are very important.

  7. Pinned this for later 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a good article 🙂


  8. Great read! I thinking mostly communicating in an good way is super important!

  9. Great list, for me being good in communication is a real asset

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