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Top 30 Best Health And Lifestyle Blogs To Follow


Social Media gets a lot of flack for being a negative thing, but I think if used appropriately, it can do a lot of good. Just remember, people are allowed to inspire you but not make you aspire to be something you’re not.

The internet is saturated with health advice. But not all of it is high quality. Knowing where to turn for the best health content can make a major difference, not only to your health smarts, but also ultimately to how you feel.

One of the most important parts of any healthy lifestyle, though, is a willingness to learn from those who’ve already been around for a bit. It seems like a good place to start. You might notice there’s a bit of a variety, almost as if one lifestyle doesn’t fit all. That’s good news for you would-be lifestyle bloggers out there, because it means you might have an audience out there, just waiting for their chance to read what you want to talk about.I have carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high quality information.

Here is a list of some of my top 30 health and lifestyle bloggers who are inspiring me to keep working hard to live a healthy lifestyle.

1.Best weight-loss inspiration blog: Diary of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer
Divorce, raising two kids and the occasional fall into a vat of cheese puffs haven’t derailed Michelle Funez’s efforts to get healthy. What makes her blog so inspiring isn’t just her fitness feats (triathlons!) but her journey to self-acceptance.
Words of wisdom: In a slump? Go to the gym and do nothing (or almost nothing). “It’s maintaining the routine that’s important.”

2.Best dose-of-reality blog: Dr. Jen Gunter
In her twitter profile pic, ob-gyn Jennifer Gunter, MD, is dressed as wonder woman, and boy does she wield the lasso of truth. Dr. Gunter dispenses straight talk on vaccines, explains why vagina facials shouldn’t be a thing and assesses popular sex advice.
Words of wisdom: Want to try doughnut-enhanced fellatio? It’s safe, but avoid cinnamon, as it can cause contact dermatitis.

3.Best breast cancer blog: Invasive duct tales
Last year, Heather Lagemann found a lump while breast-feeding her infant daughter, was quickly diagnosed with cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Lagemann’s irreverent humor stands out: Yes, there is her account of discussing her illness with her older daughter, but there’s also her admission that she played the “cancer card” to avoid cooking for Thanksgiving.
Words of wisdom: Newly diagnosed? “it’s okay to be scared, sad, angry, confused, and generally not so sunny…don’t let the pressure of being a ‘good’ cancer patient drown you.”

4.Best healthstyle blog: Summer Tomato
Neuroscientist Darya Rose, PhD, shares easily digestible info about how and why we make food and exercise decisions. In a typical post, she’ll detail the brain’s reward circuits or explain the problems of short-term diets. And don’t miss her healthy recipes!
Words of wisdom: To form a good habit, you need to like it. “If your new activity provokes a negative or even neutral emotional response it probably will not stick. So yes, you’re going to have to learn to enjoy being thinner and healthier.”

5.Best behind-the-stethoscope blog: Reflections of a Grady doctor
Atlanta internist Kimberly Manning, MD, offers a window into life at a public hospital: the terror when a baby is born at around 21 weeks, her reaction when a colleague used the word retard. Dr. Manning, who is black and couldn’t have practiced at Grady Memorial 50 years ago, also writes about race, often through the lens of her two young sons.
Words of wisdom: Your definition of “having it all” is the only one that matters.

6.Best mental illness blog: Bipolar burble
Former skydiver Natasha Tracy knows about burbles, low-pressure pockets of air that can make you crash. For Tracy, who has bipolar disorder, that unstable place is a metaphor for her state of mind.
Words of wisdom: Having a mental illness doesn’t make you a freak. “No matter who you are, no matter what you’re going through, you are not alone. Believe me, this much I know is true.”

7.Best natural-home blog: Wellness mama
This doula and mother of five writes about real food and natural products, with a focus on homemade options from shampoo to detergent to dog food.
Words of wisdom: No need to go completely green overnight. “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” she writes.

8.Best infertility blog: Silent sorority
Like fertility treatment itself, infertility blogs can be very procedural. Instead, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos shares the reality of handling the stigma of infertility and living a full life outside of parenthood.
Words of wisdom: “Fertility medicine can’t cure infertility for all. Not all women and men possess the capacity to conceive regardless of how hard they try, and some simply time out. There is no shame in that.”

9.Best quackwatch blog: Science-based medicine
This blog’s editors—including a breast surgeon and a neurologist—take a rigorously scientific stand on medical issues. They offer a balanced look at hot topics like gluten sensitivity and milk alternatives, plus occasionally stinging critiques of the efficacy of alternative therapies.
Words of wisdom: “Think about it—we can prevent cancer with a vaccine,” writes founder Steven Novella, MD, in support of the HPV vaccine. “This [issue] is a no-brainer.”

10.Best c’mon, get happy blog: Gretchen Rubin
The author of the runaway best-seller The Happiness project, Rubin offers appealingly nonsaccharine tips for finding joy and reducing discontent, rooted in serious research and plenty of testing (on herself).
Words of wisdom: For an immediate boost, fake a smile. Studies suggest that acting happy can make you feel happy.

                       Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Blog #1: Apartment Therapy

Ryan blogs about interior design, organization and healthy surroundings on one of the most popular lifestyle blogs on the web today, Apartment Therapy.

Lifestyle Blog #2: The Every Girl

The Every Girl celebrates creative and career-driven lifestyles of women.


Lifestyle Blog #3: A Fashion Fix

Hannah Crosskey blogs about turning your passion into a career and fashion. A Fashion Fix has been touted as one of the fastest growing lifestyle blogs today.

Lifestyle Blog #4: Corporette

Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for career-minded, professional women who want to look professional but also be fashionable in the workplace.

Lifestyle Blog #5: A Pair & a Spare

A Pair & a Spare is run by Geneva Vanderzeil who is a published author as well as a freelance writer. She writes about how-to DIY guides and fashion.

Lifestyle Blog #6: Elements of Style

Erin Gates is the lead blogger of Elements of Style, a blog about interior design. She is also the principal designer of Erin Gates Design, a Boston-based interior fashion and design firm.


Lifestyle Blog #7: The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is a popular lifestyle blog that focuses on health and fitness, covering topics like exercise routines, relationship health and mental wellness.

Lifestyle Blog #8: Julie Blanner

Julie Blanner writes about do-it-yourself home design projects.

Lifestyle Blog #9: Wish Wish Wish

Wish Wish Wish is a blog run by Carrie, a 24 year-old from London. She writes about personal style, shoes, and general London lifestyle.

Lifestyle Blog #10: Hannah Gale

Hannah writes about fashion, beauty and general lifestyle topics as a 25-year old digital journalist.

Lifestyle Blog #11: Virtually Yours

Virtually Yours is a blog that is run by Kelly Stilwell. She’s a mother and wife, and writes insightful content about food, family, traveling and entertainment.

Lifestyle Blog #12: He Spoke Style

Although most lifestyle blogs on our list are founded by and target women, He Spoke Style is a blog that focuses on men’s style, practical advice and entertaining content for men.


Lifestyle Blog #13: Coco Chic Blog

Stephanie writes about UK fashion, beauty, shopping and photography on her blog, Coco Chic.

Lifestyle Blog #14: Amelia Liana

Amelia Liana is a London-based lifestyle blogger that writes about Europe and New York lifestyle, including beauty, fashion, and food.

Lifestyle Blog #15: The Stripe

Grace started The Stripe as a way to catalogue the things that inspire her. She often writes about fashion, inspirational women and interesting projects.

Lifestyle Blog #16: In the Frow

On In the Frow, Victoria covers her life as a photographer and editor. She blogs about life, beauty and maintains a very popular YouTube channel that accompanies the blog.

Lifestyle Blog #17: Zoe London

Zoe is a 25 year-old blogger that lives in London. She writes about her daily life and shares many inspiring photos from around London.

Lifestyle Blog #18: What Emma Did

What Emma Did features Emma writing about UK beauty, fashion and lifestyle. What Emma Did focuses heavily on online shopping tips.

Lifestyle Blog #19: Sarah Sarna

Sarah Sarna is a lifestyle blogger that covers fashion, interior design and recipes that are inspired by her own life.

Lifestyle Blog #20: Life With Me

Life With Me is a blog by Marianna Elizabeth that covers her own personal style, provides beauty tips and shares her interesting travels.


p.s. In case we missed your favorite lifestyle blogger feel free to submit your suggestion through in our comment section.

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