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You want to marry a God-fearing person?

Everyone wants to marry a supposedly God-fearing spouse. Well… who doesn’t fear God on this Earth? So… how God-fearing is your God-fearing? You so badly want to marry a spiritual person? How spiritual is your spiritual Life? How is your praying Life?Do you have a personal Relationship with Almighty God  ?

Is your definition for God-fearing someone who sends you scriptural messages daily? Do you know that sending biblical messages doesn’t even make one a Christian (let alone God-fearing) just like sending updates on forex trade doesn’t make one a bank manager?
Many of us have fallen for some weird characters in church because all we saw was what we really wanted to see! If all you want to see is a tongue-speaking sister… that is all you will see. If seeing him lead prayer sessions already gets you happy, that’s all you will see! We fall for wolves in sheep clothing… get married to them… and after marriage, we come crying, “He/she has changed after the wedding!”

No, brother! She didn’t change. You just didn’t know her that much. No, sister! He didn’t change. You just fell for his ‘polish-on-dirt’. You fell for his trap of a disguise.

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