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What Do You Know About Earwax?

Before you start brushing off earwax as one of those icky bodily discharges whose existence you’d rather deny, stop for a moment. Just like all the other ‘gross’ substances that ooze out of our human bodies, such as feces, mucus, urine, and saliva, earwax serves an important purpose and might be trying to tell you something.

According to an article in Rodale’s Organic Life, titled “6 Things Your Earwax Says About You,” earwax observation can lead to a better understanding of what’s going on inside your ear canal, although it’s not as informative as other bodily discharges. Made in the outer ear canal, the area between the outer ear you see and the middle ear, earwax performs three basic tasks – moisturizing the skin of the ear canal and keeping it from itching, fighting off potential infections with chemicals it contains, and acting as a shield against the outer world, trapping dirt, dust, and whatever else might be trying to make its way inside.

So, what can be observed and learned about your earwax?

1. Is your earwax watery or greenish?

Have you been sweating profusely? Sweat can run down your face into your ear and dilute the wax that’s there. If you haven’t been sweating and watery wax is greenish or dark yellow, that could be indicative of an ear infection.

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