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What is Money to you?


Why do you want more money?
Why do you need more money?
What is your relationship with money?
Do you attract or repel money?
What is the best way to get more money?
What if you could get money as an issue, out of the way in your life?
No more worrying about how you would pay your bills
No more fretting over how to pay for your kids education
No more stress over how you will afford retirement
No more staying home on vacations, or driving old cars or living in a house you don’t enjoy
No more having to squelch your burning desire to give more to church and charity
Money can solve many problems in life.
Are you attracting money or repelling it?

Money is an amazing motivator; it causes us to do astonishing things. Like grind it out in boring jobs, take unusual risks, sacrifice our values, and ignore our families, as well as inspiring us to greatness, to invention, innovation and charity. But does it make us happy?
When the Lord visits you on your deathbed and asks you what you have done in your life that’s worthwhile, what will you say? Climbing Everest? Making your first million? 
Anyone who has had a health scare, a brush with mortality, will tell you, life is finite and to be appreciated because it all might, suddenly, perhaps abruptly, end. An illness escaped can be a turning point. 
Stop and ask yourself, if you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you do? You never know, unless you stop for a moment and ask, and you might just find you could be doing it already. Passion. Happiness is something or someone to be passionate about. Are you passionate about anything?
If happiness is an expectation met then a dream fulfilled is even better. You have to dream because most people who bother to pursue their dreams, achieve them. The crime is that they don’t dream hard enough.
Success through effort will make you happy. Success alone is not enough. Rich or poor we can have it all. Money, it seems, is only a small part of the equation. If that. What do you hope for? Are you happy? Or is money blocking all else out?

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