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What to Do About Smelly Sweat Problems

Body odor starts with certain types of sweat. Eccrine glands pour out clear, neutral-smelling sweat, which cools your body as it evaporates. Apocrine glands, concentrated in your underarms and genitals, secrete a substance that bacteria feast upon, causing strong odors. Stress, ovulation, sexual excitement and anger can cause apocrine glands to kick into high gear. Some diseases cause the body to produce particular odors, and so do drugs such as venlafaxine (Effexor) and bupropion (Wellbutrin).

What Causes Body Odor

To address smelly sweat problems, it helps to understand what makes us smelly when we sweat. There are really two culprits to look at.

It can be the sweat itself that smells. Think about the last time you ate something super garlicky—did your sweat smell a little garlicky, too? If food is the culprit, the solution is easy: eat less of the food that’s causing problems. Excessive onions and garlic or too much spicy food could be the problem, so try cutting back on these foods to see if that helps.

If it’s not something you’re eating, chances are it’s a bacteria thing. Don’t freak out. We all have bacteria on our skin. It’s actually a good thing. It’s when there’s overgrowth that you can have issues.

There’s a reason that we tend to get stickiest in areas like our armpits. Those dark, enclosed areas are a perfect habitat for bacteria to thrive. Often, body odor is the smell of that bacteria aspirating. Almost all of the tips below address this second type of smelly sweat problem, since it can be the trickiest to wrangle.

Tackling Smelly Sweat Problems

1.Look at your diet. Are you eating a lot of onions, garlic and spicy food? This could be causing your sweat to smell bad. Try cutting back on strong flavors to see if this helps. Don’t worry! You can still have some hot sauce on your chili, but maybe not on top of chili that’s already five-alarm. Moderation is key. Drinking more water can also help if your smelly sweat is diet related.

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