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What to Do When You and Your Boss Aren’t Getting Along

Even the best office relationships hit a rut, but if it’s your relationship with your boss that’s suffering, work can be especially challenging. Maybe you’ve lost their trust, or you haven’t been Seeing Eye to eye lately, or maybe you’ve never really gotten along. Whatever the reason, how can you build a connection that’s more than “just OK”? What steps can you take to improve your interactions? And are there times when you have to accept that the relationship may never get better?

What the Experts Say

Having a positive, productive, and healthy relationship with your boss is critical to your professional success, says Linda Hill, professor at Harvard Business School and coauthor of Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader. Being on great terms with your manager helps you “stay aligned with the priorities of the organization, understand its constraints, and get access to the resources you need to get things done,” she says. Work is not a popularity contest, but “the reality is, your boss’s opinion of you matters,” says Jean-François Manzoni, professor of management practice at INSEAD. It matters for “functional reasons” because of the “control or influence your boss has over rewards like special assignments, your visibility, and compensation.” But it also matters for psychological reasons. “We are wired to please authority figures,” he says. “When your boss doesn’t like you, it’s painful.” Here are some strategies for interacting with your manager to get what you need, support your boss’s success, and excel at your job.

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  1. So true! Great post

  2. I am my own boss … I’d hope that I get along with my boss 😛

  3. Really interesting way to get around your differences with your boss!


  4. Loved this one! So important for ones who don’t get along.

    ~ Jasmin N
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  5. I find this great tips for people just starting their career! I feel that after some years of work experience, I can empathize more with people I do not get along with and also have more patience!

  6. Yes, I am my own boss so thanks god I’m done with all that lol, great post!

  7. I don’t currently work but I would hope that when I do that I manage to get along with my boss, if not I’m not sure I would feel comfortable working there anymore.

  8. These are great tips!

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