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You Drink Coke? See What Happen To Your Body After One Hour

Hopefully, you are not laboring under the delusion that Coca-Cola is good for you. Even people who choose to drink this beverage regularly know that it is toxic to their health. But did you know that even one can of Coca-Cola can significantly change how your body works and weaken your immune system?
Keep reading to learn about what happens to your body after drinking Coke.

What Happens to Your Body in 10 Minutes
Once you finish your can of Coke, the sugar starts moving through your body. Within 10 minutes, the body has absorbed all 10 tablespoons of sugar present in your soda. Thanks to the phosphoric acid in your drink, you do not taste how incredibly sweet the Coke is, and so you do not vomit.

20 Minutes to 45 Minutes After Drinking
Now your body is really starting to work with other chemicals and sugar you have thrown at it. Your insulin levels are spiking and trying to process sugar as quickly as possible. This excess sugar is turned into fat, which stays in your body until you burn it off.Between 40 and 45 minutes after drinking a can of Coke, your liver starts absorbing all the caffeine found in Coke.

This leads to an increase in your blood sugar levels and a temporary increase in energy. Dopamine levels are also high, making you feel happy and excited.

Your Body One Hour After Coca-Cola
Your calcium, magnesium, and zinc levels are dipping, thanks to your body’s efforts to get rid of sugar and phosphoric acid through urine. in addition, you may start to feel dehydrated. Because Coca-Cola is a diuretic, your body flushes out water and electrolytes at the same time as it flushes out the chemicals from Coca-Cola.

Are you starting to get cranky yet? The sugar and caffeine buzz you enjoyed just 15 minutes ago has worn off and your body no longer has extra sugar to support a higher energy level. This sudden drop in blood sugar and energy can make you irritable, tired, and thinking that you need another can of Coca-Cola.

What This Means for You
It is clear that drinking Coca-Cola affects your body in far more ways than ever thought possible. One can of Coca-Cola is bad enough, as it can impact your bodily functions for up to 24 hours. But the real danger comes with regular Coca-Cola consumption.If you have a habit of drinking Coke—even just once per day—it is incredibly important to stop.

You may see the effects of this dietary choice for years or even decades to come, and no food or drink is worth that.Rather than switching to diet soda or another fizzy drink, consider making the switch to flavored water or tea. Both of these beverages boost your hydration levels without the negative health effects of Coca-Cola.

Once you break your body’s dependence on Coca-Cola, you should feel more energetic than you have in years.

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