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Few Tips Men And Women should know Before Getting Married


Getting married is a big step. Even starting a new relationship with someone is kind of like jumping into the pool feet first. Is there anything you can do to keep a relationship or marriage from ending badly? Is there anything you should know before getting married or starting a new relationship, so you can have the best chance at success? I think so! Here are a few things that intelligent people should consider before getting married.

1. The little things matter.
“Gestures of love aren’t the rooms filled with roses or holding boom boxes above your head. The little stuff: folding his underwear without complaint, being the one that gets up with the kid so she can get an extra half hour of sleep, doing the dishes even though it’s his turn because you know he had a hard day,doing the laundry together on weekends when you are both free and at home — that’s what love looks like.”

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