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The 15 secret uses of lemons



Whether we put them in our water and soft drinks as taste enhancers or use them as a skincare remedy, there are infinitely more uses of lemons than you might think.

If you are not in the habit of keeping these handy citrus fruits around, consider keeping a ready supply: you never know when you might need to call upon this miracle fruit.

You might already have some ideas about uses for lemon oil and other parts of the fruit, but your list is about to get longer. Here are some of the best-kept secret uses of lemons. You’ll never be caught without one again.
1. Say goodbye to ink spots. There is almost no limit to lemon juice uses: this acidic substance can even be used to get rid of stubborn ink spots. It is best to apply the lemon juice before the ink dries, so make sure you have a lemon on hand at all times. After liberally treating the ink stain, wash clothing in cold water and watch the lemon work its magic.

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